Cleaning can be overwhelming that’s why most of the time we make lists not just to break down tasks and eliminate the overwhelming feeling of cleaning but also to ensure that each task is taken care of without a miss. 

Having a list helps in every aspect of goal making. Whether you are aiming for a list to help you get through the tasks of the day or get you through a cleaning task, a list works wonders.  

To make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by making a list that can consume your cleaning time, here is a guide just for you! 

1. Kitchen 

– Grab a microfiber cloth to ensure that every countertop and storage cabinets are wiped clean. 

– Focus on cleaning the appliances. This task may include your microwave, fridge and even your dishwasher.  

– Don’t skip the interior of your appliances. Invest in cleaning the inside of your appliances. Start from your microwave. 

– Your sink is used every day so invest in cleaning it properly. Wipe not just inside it but also around it.  

– Don’t forget your kitchen floors. Vacuum, sweep and mop it as well. 

2. Bathroom 

– If you have baskets for wastes or unclean rugs in your bathroom, dispose the wastes ad put away the rugs that needs cleaning. 

– If you have things in your bath tub and shower area, remove them first before cleaning those areas. Through this, you will have a better an easier cleaning process. 

– After clearing out the things in the bath tub and shower, place a rubber mat to ensure safety while cleaning.  

– Use warm water to wet the areas around the tub or shower.  

– Apply liquid cleaner of choice and let this sit for a couple of minutes.  

– While waiting for the tiles to be cleaned as it soaks in the liquid cleaner that you put in it, spray your vanity, toilet and mirror with a separate cleaner to clean these areas as well.  

– Let the rubber mat save you from slipping while you scrub your walls and floorings. 

– Don’t let soap stay in your soap containers. Clean it as well.  

– Clean the towel racks as well by wiping them after spraying a cleaning solution. 

– Replace any rugs that needs replacing to have a fresher bathroom experience after a good clean.  

3. Bedroom 

– Remove any clutter lying around to start organizing.  

– Dust away any dirt or dust in your cabinets and vacuum your floors too. 

– If you are someone who takes extra caution in making sure every corner is cleaned, I’m sure you have rearranged your furniture for easy access. After vacuuming, return everything as it was or go the extra mile and invest on a new arrangement to have a better ad newer look for your bathroom.  

– Organize your cabinet or drawer. This is often missed when it comes to cleaning given it is not easily seen as you come into your room, however if you invest in cleaning our drawers, it leaves a different kind of satisfaction.  

– Change your bed dings and pillow cases. A good sleep refers not just a clean room but fresh sheets as well.  

4. Windows 

– Invest in a glass cleaner that leaves no streaks. To make this possible, be sure to not spray too much solution as you clean. 

– Grab some old newspaper to have a better more sparkly window glass after cleaning.  

-Window screens are tricky if you don’t remove them from your window. It is a much easier tasks if you put in extra effort by removing them form you window and scrubbing them out. It also ensures an extra clean.  

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