Cost-Effective Air Conditioning Tips in Winter Season

Who would not want to save money during the wintertime? Especially with the coming up holiday season and the increased energy bills during the summer, it’s always a great thing to search for ways to save money. To help you prevent flipping your heat switch and to save money with your air conditioning unit in the cold season, this article will discuss some of the best cost-effective tips you can apply.  

Utilize a programmable thermostat 

One of the simplest ways to cut off bills on your cooling and heating is to use a programmable thermostat. During the wintertime, you can make your home a bit cooler when everyone is sleeping or when it’s vacant. Heating a home is unreasonable if you are not there to enjoy it. Moreover, you can do the opposite with your air conditioner. When you are frequently using your air conditioner and it is a warm winter, ensure that you are not cooling your house when everyone is not around.  

Seal the leaks 

Check your doors and windows. Can you feel the cold air that comes in? If that’s the case, you should take action in improving those areas’ insulation. You can do so by applying weather stripping or sealing them. This will help you keep the cold air out and keep the warm air in.  

Switch off the air conditioner 

During the wintertime, the weather is more pleasant and humidity dips down. When the temperatures reach approximately in the 70s, then you can comfortably raise your blinds and open up your windows. But make sure not to always turn your air conditioner on and off as this can result in more issues since the unit should work double-time just to regulate the right indoor temperature.  

Open up your curtains 

Though HVAC experts recommend you to keep your curtains closed most of the year to reduce electrical costs, you want to allow the heat of the sun to get inside your home during the winter season. Doing so can naturally help warm your home without boosting your bills. Should you feel the heat be scorching hot, then you can always choose to close your curtains again.  

Make sure to have your heater maintained 

Approximately 25,000 houses catch fire every year due to space heaters. However, most people utilize space heaters because either the heater of their home is not that effective to make everybody feel comfortable in a room or they don’t want to switch on the heaters. 

Before the wintertime kicks in, it’s always best if you consider having your heater checked and maintained. This way, you can guarantee that it’s in great condition and you will less likely have to experience sudden repairs.  

It’s also vital to get professional residential or commercial ac repair as soon as possible should you observe signs of damage or issues on your AC unit. If you do this, make sure to only entrust this HVAC service to the HVAC specialists near you. 

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Maintaining Your Trees During Summer

Just like all living beings in the world, trees can also get uncomfortable during the hot summer months. If you’ve got a tree on your property, you’ve got to maintain it properly to prevent it from dying during the scorching days.  

However, how do you maintain your tree during summer? Well, regular tree maintenance can determine if trees have become weak or dehydrated. This makes them susceptible to diseases. There are particular things you need to do during summer to keep your trees healthy.  

Aside from hiring a tree service Hayward CA company, here are other things you should do: 

Cable Weak Branches 

A professional tree service company will be able to figure out whether any of your trees present any risk to your house during storms. This is particularly crucial since summer storms are dangerous. Tree maintenance can tackle weak branches that can possibly cause damage. You might be advised to cable them or get rid of them completely.  

Offer Some TLC to Your Soil 

Mulching during the hot summer months is crucial to keep your plants and trees moist. You can utilize bark, leaves, and wood chips to preserve moisture and add nutrients to the soil as they decompose. Use a watering spike or a rake to spike the soil. It will allow the water to reach the roots and your plants and trees can get a good drink. 

Regularly Water Plants and Trees 

Watering your younger trees and plants two times every day is crucial during the summer season. Water them first thing in the morning. Next, just before the sun goes down, water them again. It will enable them to absorb the water before the temperature increases.  


The ideal way to maintain the health of your tree is to perform correctional pruning during the hot summer months. The warm weather can show any infected or dead limbs. These and broken branches need to be pruned to prevent illnesses from spreading to the rest of the tree. If your tree is pruned properly, you can improve the air circulation. Thus, your tree will require less water uptake. Unfortunately, you’ve got to be cautious not to over prune since you risk exposing the tree to stress and sun scalding. Call a professional tree service company that can identify what should and shouldn’t be pruned.  

Hire an Expert to Examine Your Trees 

Summer is the ideal season for an expert to evaluate your tree. A professional tree care company can meet the particular needs of your landscaping and recommend any particular treatments or pruning that your trees and plants require to get them through the scorching days of summer. In addition to that, a professional tree care company can inspect for any indications of pests attacking the trees. Typically, these pests attack during the summer season. 

Throughout the summer season, tree care is vital. If you require the help of a tree maintenance company, do not hesitate to hire a professional arborist. They can always guarantee the long lifespan of your trees for a lot of years.  

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